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Hypnotherapy For Trichotillomania, Anxiety And Depression

Recently completed my hypnotherapy sessions with Sue. Upon first meeting I knew I was in safe hands which has been difficult for me as I have suffered with something that has ruled my life for the best part of 15 years. Overall I had three sessions with Sue and after each meet I felt more and more in control.! Sue is outstanding and completely compassionate with the treatment she gives out to her clients as well as her open mindedness that makes her such a lovely person to confide in! During my final session, Sue gave me complete control over how the session should run and what I was wanting to take away with me. From this Sue gave me loads of techniques that I could try at home in order to help me both day to day and long term. Overall, a completely amazing, sweet-natured woman who has nothing other than your best interests at heart!

Saved Our Relationship

Thank you Sue because of your help my partner is a completely different person altogether his addiction has gone and our relationship is going from strength to strength.

Getting Me Over An Addiction

Sue has changed my life at 32 year old I can now start living she has got me over an addiction and me and my family can start a fresh very professional, kind and caring

Successful Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy took place in a calm and peaceful room which I believe was purpose built. Sue is very professional but also very reassuring and caring. The sessions left me feeling very relaxed.

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